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The Unknown Plato Series


Platonica Minora, Dubia et Spuria

The Unknown Plato: Shorter, Dubious and Spurious Works in the Platonic Corpus

Series Editor: Richard McKirahan

Editorial Board: John Dillon, David Sedley, Voula Tsouna

This series is devoted to writings associated with Plato (including those dubbed dubious or spurious) that have received comparatively little attention. Volumes in the series may be commentaries, monographs, collections of articles or proceedings of conferences devoted to one or more of these works. Designed for scholars and advanced students, the series will make these works better known in their own right through studies characterized by rigorous and up-to-date scholarship presented in an accessible manner. Proposals and inquiries should be submitted to the series editor at rmckirahan<at>


Series announcement on the IPS — International Plato Society here


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