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Please note that Parmenides Publishing does not currently accept unsolicited manuscripts. For scholarly titles, and for submissions in the area of Philosophy & Business, please submit a query letter via e-mail as outlined below to the Editor at editor (at) Please do not send hardcopy materials by mail. For philosophical fiction, we will consider manuscripts and proposals submitted by established literary agents only. There are no exceptions.

A helpful listing of literary agents may be found at: Agents may contact us about philosophical fiction proposals via a query letter to the Editor at editor (at)

Ancient Philosophy | Philosophy & Business | Philosophical Fiction | Sending a Query Letter | Suggesting a Reprint

Ancient Philosophy

Parmenides Publishing focuses on books in Ancient Greek Philosophy with subjects ranging from the Presocratics to Neo-Platonism, and on audiobooks in the Classics extending from Homer to Dante. We publish monographs, new translations with commentaries of primary texts, conference proceedings, and cutting edge research and analyses in Ancient Philosophy and closely related fields. We welcome manuscripts on subject areas that include, but are not limited to:

Philosophy & Business

Parmenides Publishing is launching a new series of books dedicated to the exploration of philosophy in, and philosophy for, business. We welcome any proposals in this area.

Philosophical Fiction

In addition to academic titles, we also publish philosophical (and historical / mathematical) fiction that is written for a wide audience, yet intelligent and demanding in content. So long as the central themes and/or the plot is philosophical in nature—be it implicit or explicit—a manuscript may be in any of the following genres:

Sending a Query Letter

Query letters should be addressed to the Editor at editor (at) and include the following information:

  1. Your current position, professional affiliation(s), and contact information
  2. The title of your work and its length (or a close estimate)
  3. Expected completion date
  4. A (roughly) 500 word outline of the contents of your work. In the case of a scholarly manuscript, please include a concise description of the thesis you are defending and the reasons why you consider it original and important
  5. The table of contents (if available)
  6. A list of published works that are comparable and/or in direct competition with yours, and a description as to how your work is new, different, better, or more original in comparison
  7. Your intended target audience
  8. Whether the manuscript is being submitted elsewhere, and if so where. If it was previously turned down, please state the reasons given

Suggesting a Reprint

Aside from new scholarship in Ancient Philosophy, we also specialize in making important but out-of-print books in the field available and attractive again to a new generation of students and scholars, in the form of revised, expanded, and re-designed editions. We welcome suggestions for reprints of books for which there is a strong need or desire in the scholarly community. A book that would qualify for a reprint is likely to:

Please send your suggestions for reprints to the Editor at editor (at), with the subject line “Reprint Suggestion”, including:

  1. The author’s name and the title of the book
  2. As much of the original publication information as possible (name of publisher, place and date of publication, format, price and availability)
  3. The reason why you think a reprint would be warranted, and what new or updated material a new edition might include and by whom